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Declining global barriers and increasing world’s population are creating opportunities for market expansion, resulting a complex supply chain. Enormous new products and product categories hitting market every minute forcing the retail industry to keep adopting latest technologies to enjoy the success in this complex and highly competitive retail environment.

Efficiency in supply chain, low facility overheads, balanced margins, efficient assortment planning, values, adopt change are few key resulting factors of retail business.

Our expertise in leading retail products & technologies and focused services and timely ideas will help you to remain competitive in the contemporary retailing environment by allowing you to easily strategize, develop and execute new innovative business initiatives more rapidly.

Apart from Application Development Support, our Retail Service Portfolio includes:

  1. Migration and Multi-platform & application integration
  2. RFID solutions
  3. Customer interaction and order booking
  4. SRM - Supply chain management
  5. CRM – Studying customer behavior
  6. DW – Business intelligence Solutions
  7. Category Management
  8. Pricing and Promotion
  9. Sales and Logistics
  10. Billing and Handling
  11. Returns and Replacement Requests