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If the Software applications are the backbone of your business then the quality of the same is the key to your success. The quality of your systems depends on how best the process that assures quality is defined. Robust and flexible software processes can enable your organization to consistently deliver quality. In other words, availability, reliability, usability, performance and security of your software systems play an imperative role in achieving your business goals.

Automating the testing process has been proven its importance in improving product quality and reducing the time and cost of a release. Business & technology complexities, distributed development in multiple environments and the kind of time & effort involved in testing makes the companies incline towards out sourcing. Moreover its is always advised that the testing and validated needs to be performed by third party to benefit most out of it.

We have a dedicated Testing Services business unit, which focuses on the above mentioned process and its implementation. Our process will allow to optimally testing every transaction from every angle. Our solutions are flexible tailored to your true business needs. It also enables you to concentrate on the core activities while we handle it efficiently ensuring quality results.

Our Testing service portfolio includes

  1. Life cycle testing
  2. Test Automation
  3. Building Automation Framework
  4. Designing Test Solutions
  5. Testing Strategies
  6. Test Process Implementation
  7. Test Management
  8. Test Environment Set Up
  9. Functionality Testing
  10. Regression Testing
  11. Performance Testing
  12. Load Stress Testing
  13. Usability Testing
  14. Accessibility Testing
  15. Compatibility Testing
  16. Application Security Testing
  17. Smoke & Sanity Testing